Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Full Day Of Easter

When Mommy sent me to Papo and Deeda's for a couple of hours I knew something was brewing . . . and I wasn't disappointed!

Not only did I get some serious candy, I also got an entire Dinosaur herd!
And scissors!
The fun wasn't going to end there either.  I think very few children end the day with TWO Easter Baskets.  
Somebody must have paid the Bunny off with some extra carrots!  I scored.
Love this holiday, not as many gifts as Christmas but the chocolate more than makes up for it.
Oh, and the extra attention.  Fewer relatives so there is more of a focus on me.
Not a bad day.  Lucky there were a few more adults there. In the end it was a bit too much for someone.  It was as if his energy level decreased in direct proportion to mine.  
The physiology of adults fascinates me.

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