Monday, December 2, 2013

Learning Football With Mr. Jasen

My Daddy is great, but he kind of drops the ball (Both figuratively and literally) when it comes to teaching me the fundamentals of football.  Yeah, Daddy was happy to go to the Monday night football event with my classmates but all he wanted to do was talk about the Sonics.  Come on Daddy, get on the bandwagon!  Mr. Jasen doesn't need to hear about the glory days of a team that left Seattle years before I was even born!

Lucky I have Mr. Jasen as a teacher.  I kept coming back to him all night so he could explain the details of this fascinating game and possibly give me some ideas about what position I should be playing.
Yeah, the Seahawks didn't have any trouble dismantling the Saints.  I think I see my calling if I can get more people in my life to encourage my aspirations!


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