Sunday, December 15, 2013

Celebrating My Big Brother's Birthday!

No I don't have an older brother that I have been hiding all this time but I do have the equivalent.  He lives across the street and his name is Cole.

He had turned 6 today and had a Birthday at Arena Sports.  Now, because of his age all the kids were older than me but like a true Big Brother he watched out for me and made me feel welcome.

Check me out far left making funny faces with all the Kindergartners.  I felt like such a Big Boy!
Of course as his surrogate Little Brother even though I deferred the attention to him I thought it only fitting that I sit at the head of the table with him.
Of course what is a party without a little flirting!  Hi there.

Maybe Cole will give me some tips on women in the future, Big Brothers are great for those pointers.


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