Sunday, November 3, 2013

Recapping Halloween . . . A few days later

Why am I talking about Halloween a few days after the fact . . . because I am still recovering from it.  Oh my, was it ever fun.

I was ready to plunder the neighborhood's candy, but first I had to go to preschool.
It just made sense for my teacher Mr. Jasen to be dressed as Mr. Smee to match my Captain Hook costume, but I guess we forgot to communicate.  
After school it was Game On!
It didn't matter if there was a Pumpkin at the door.  We were going to knock everywhere.
In the end I slowed down a little bit.  After all there were so many people to visit.  Halloween isn't all about candy. It is about connecting with your community.
In the end things got a little bit rambunctious once the sugar kicked-in. Still we kept things under control.  After all we wanted to be invited back to the neighborhood next year.
Once all the excitement cooled down the serious negotiations with Mommy started.  How much candy was she going to extract in taxation?

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