Thursday, November 7, 2013

Meeting some real MEN at the Happy Meal Place

Daddy takes me to the Happy Meal Place and I usually only listen into the conversations of the teenagers with rapt attention but today I couldn't resist becoming involved.

Two real MEN who were my Daddy's age were talking things up and I was fascinated.
I finally had to join the conversation.  Daddy couldn't hold my natural MANLINESS back.
 They were both proud Fathers of wonderful daughters but had no SONS.
Yep, nice to meet two MEN who are on the same page as I am.  They both decided that it would be best for me to give in to my natural tendencies and be a star high school FOOTBALL player who would eventually play for the HUSKIES.

Nice to find some people who will enthusiastically support my dreams and aspirations.

I think Daddy will have to deal with a lot more people like this as I grow-up.  Thankful that I will have a support group!


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