Sunday, October 6, 2013

Paying My Respects To The Fremont Troll!

I had always wondered about the mysterious Troll that lived under the Aurora Bridge and ate the cars of people who didn't pay his tribute of gold.  Well, today Daddy took me to meet him in person.

He was a bit intimidating at first but when I saw other children playing on him I relaxed a bit.  I'm assuming that Daddy pays him his gold tribute in the mail with the rest of his bills.  Nothing like a steady flow of gold to keep a Troll happy and willing to let children run around on top of him but I still kept my distance.  He might be hungry.
We carried on to a far happier and perhaps safer part of Fremont.
Hello J.P. Patches!
Ok that is just strange.  This place is like the Land of Oz.  We hit up Waiting For The Interurban and I met a dog with the head of a man.
Very peculiar.
I decided this really needed some investigation.
We ended the day at the Fremont Sunday Market but Daddy was looking nostalgically at the Red Door, he told me wistfully it might be a few decades before he could take me there.

The Red Door seemed to be the least exciting part about our trip to Fremont but Daddy seemed the most enthusiastic about visiting it.  I'll just write this off as a grown-up eccentricity.

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