Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Disneyland Experience Part 2

There was no way I could squeeze my Disneyland experience into a single blog post.  Did I mention that the town of Radiator Springs is located right next door!  What a wonderful coincidence.

What a place!  The cars didn't seem to really mind all the tourists who were spilling over into their town.
Actually they kind of seemed to like the attention.  Especially Mater!  That guy wouldn't stop talking!
Meeting Lightning McQueen was great and I even pulled Red out of his shell a little bit.
Oh, did I mention that after we visited Radiator Springs I got a big hug from two beautiful faeries.  I guess there was a reason I left Minnie in the stroller, she would have been horribly jealous.
I have decided that whenever you have an exciting adventure you should get a tattoo to remember it by so I ran over to get inked with a Nemo.
This look is totally me.  Eat your heart out Mike Tyson!
And of course the tattoo called for another hug!  Three times is a charm.  What can I say, I think I have a certain power over women!
Maybe next time I will be tall enough for all these rides!


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