Sunday, April 28, 2013

Seeing What Seattle Was Like For Daddy As A Boy

Today Daddy took me to the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI).  It turns out the Seattle that Daddy grew-up in was a little different than the one I know.

The Seattle that Daddy knew as a little boys seems like a magical place, there were giant Beer Bottles and Clams that walked on two feet!  It must have been amazing.
I'm not sure I'm all that enthusiastic about the design of the cars though.  I think they were probably still evolving from where feet were the primary mode of travel.  I prefer the Audi design.
Oh yes, the MOHAI offered much for a little boy to be excited about!
Still, the Seattle that Daddy grew-up in seemed a bit limiting.  Seems like there wasn't much to do but log.  I don't see my Daddy being a very good lumberjack.  He is more a suit and tie type of guy.
In the end what most inspired me was the room for children.  I respect the past but I was more inspired to design the Seattle of the future.


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