Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Birthday Party Cut Short!

I am always one who is happy to drop everything and go to a Birthday Party!

So when I heard my gal Emilie was turning the Big 0-4 I was more than excited for a party!

Yeah, Mommy was getting a bit too close for comfort to her little sister Sarah but I could let it go.  After all I was at a party.  Just as long as she didn't take her home I was fine.
At first it was a bit intimidating with all those older women who were much taller than me but soon I was impressing them with my drawing skills.

So much fun, eating, drinking and socializing!  Well, unfortunately the eating got the better of me.  It isn't my job to monitor what I eat, that responsibility is for my parents.  They must have been having too much fun because all of a sudden I was eating a cake with Almond Milk in it. Can you say Nut Allergy!

Well, that was the end of it.  We were headed home so I could be closer to my Epi Pen!

Talk about having too much fun!


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