Sunday, July 8, 2012

San Juan Island Fun

I am having more and more fun when we travel to the San Juan islands for family weekends. Mainly because as I grow I become much more assertive.
For God's sake Daddy, you don't need to chase me when I run on the deck. I realize nobody benefits, especially not me, if I go over the edge. Well, if Daddy isn't going to humor my need to explore I'll just grab Papo's finger and lead him to take me upstairs.
Hey, it's not like I can see through any of my ceilings at home. Wow!
Of course there were a few events that called for me to hesitate. They have a generator to keep the lights on and it was way too dark and loud for me. I only observed it from a distance. Like dogs, I figured it should be enjoyed from a distance.
Things can change though. Next year I will probably be brave enough to be the one turning it on. Moving up in life! -Jaxon

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