Saturday, July 28, 2012


Oh it is good to be a KING! As there can only be one Sun in the sky there can only be one KING of the house.
I do enjoy the activities of a KING. Be it cuddling with my pet Tyrannosaurus Rex (The only real acceptable pet for a KING) or playing with my fleet of planes and sports cars. I do appreciated the hobbies that royalty provides. Of course a KING has to rule also. Being an ABSOLUTE MONARCH is not all fun and games.
I did a good job surveying the building of my castle in the dining room. I marched across the ramparts and shouted orders to Daddy.
Sadly, Daddy was a little slow at jumping to my proclamations. I was forced to throw him into my dungeon for a little while. Sometimes it is tough to be a KING! I can't show favoritism just because he his my Daddy. God Save The Jaxon!

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