Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Didn't Know They Grew Bigger Than My Daddy!

I accept the fact that I have a small stature right now.  Hey!  I'm only a little over a year old.

Still, I haven't really met a Daddy bigger than mine.  Until we went across to visit my friend Nora.

Wow!  Hard to believe he was once a little guy like me!  Still kind of confused about how we grow.  I wonder if it involves stretching?

The night ended with all three of the Daddies going outside and destroying a snowman that had been built improperly.  Apparently building one in the middle of the street is a "traffic hazard".

We all marveled at the strength of three grown men tearing down the largest snowman in the neighborhood.  Very exciting!

I'll keep on drinking my milk with vitamins if that is what it takes to be a tall and strong grown-up!


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