Thursday, January 19, 2012

Finishing My Snow Adventure . . . With A Sled Ride!

Well, I tasted snow, made a snowball, saw a snowman but I thought I was going to miss a sled ride.  The snow kind of caught Mommy and Daddy off guard.  They didn't have time to buy a sled for me.  Apparently the snow might be leaving tomorrow so my chances of having a complete snow experience were diminishing!

Thankfully, Mommy got some inspiration from her friend Mindy on Facebook!  Turns out if you combine a laundry hamper and one of Mommy's scarves you are set.  Sledding was on!
With our sled we had some extra mobility so we were able to visit more of the neighborhood.  Daddy even showed me a properly built snowman (Built on the sidewalk, not the middle of the street).
Well, even if it does melt tomorrow I got a full experience.  Time to go in for a fire and a bottle!

What a day.


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