Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Pokemon Go!

I have found many things in life to be passionate about over my last six years such as Transformers, Dinosaurs and Legos but over the last couple of months I have found a passion that has so overwhelmed my life that I don't even have time to Blog.

My new passion involves scouring the greater Seattle area be it a restaurant, a copy center or a vacant lot for places where Pikachus, Squirtles and Charmanders spawn.
The sad part is that I have pretty much dominated the territory in my neighborhood and need to search out more fertile territory.  Because I am an ambitious Poke hunter this can mean I go out at anytime of day or night as well as any weather condition.  Just about anywhere could be a Pokemon Gym and if a battle starts I am determined it will be a fight to the finish even if my Daddy is shivering and just wants to keep on walking.
I also believe that the best hunting territory probably is in places others don't necessarily look.
Turns out the guys who run the liquor store know a lot about Pokemon also.  They were so nice but Daddy didn't think it was appropriate for us to hang out there all night.  Hey, if I can find a Pokemon Gym I'm going to take advantage.


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