Friday, September 12, 2014

Feeling A Little More Grown-Up!

Where have I been for a week?  Hey, chill, I had a VERY short Summer Vacation and it is tough for a little guy to get back into the swing of preschool!

Daddy usually takes me to the Happy Meal Place on Friday, it is kind of a Father and Son ritual.  But I have always wondered . . . where does he go later that night to feed Mommy????

Well, tonight I got to go with him!

Turns  out Mommy and Daddy have a secret addiction to Trinidadian food they haven't told me about.  I was kind of disappointed, Daddy should have taken me to Pam's Kitchen a long time ago.
Did I end up eating Roti and Dahlpuri that night?  Of course not, my little palate isn't there yet but I was shown a lot of island hospitality and that is all this little boy really needs! 

Nothing like a whole restaurant staff paying attention to you!

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