Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Rewarding Summer Vacation

I did more than just play this Summer Vacation.  Some kids go to camp, well I couldn't squeeze that in but can they say that they possibly saved a life!

The day in the San Juans started out innocently.  I was doing my chores dutifully keeping the chickens fed but then I noticed something . . . .

 . . . the sheep eating the berries by the fence hadn't moved in nearly twenty minutes!

After I drew some attention to the situation it was evident, the sheep was stuck!

I was a little disappointed in the way Mommy and Daddy handled it, this was an EMERGENCY and they just were busy taking selfies while Papo and his friend Thurston were getting the wire cutters.
I was disappointed that they didn't seem to take the situation as seriously as they should have but regardless, everything ended up alright.
Hopefully that sheep will learn, sometimes blackberries just aren't worth the risk!


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