Friday, January 31, 2014

Bring it on Ben (And Owen)

Turns out that fate has brought us to this.  I'm wild about my friend Ben and his little brother Owen but this weekend I'm bringing the 12th Man!

Hey, Ben started it.  I just wanted to have a nice ice cream cone with him this Summer when we were in Colorado but all he wanted to do was trash talk!

Well this Sunday I will show you some true Trash Talking a la Richard Sherman.
I know Ben, Denver Bronco pride runs deep in your family and yes, thank you for reminding me about the back  to back Super Bowl wins way, way before you were even conceived or your parents even knew each other.
Thus, the hunger runs deeper here in Seattle.  Bring it on!
After this Sunday we will have another ice cream cone together Ben and we will see if you want to talk  football.

1 comment:

  1. Jaxon,
    I know you think you are a big boy but I'm afraid Seattle is going to be rainier than usual tomorrow from your tears of sadness. My daddy checked the forecast for Denver and it's supposed to be sunny as usual here. If I had any idea what an omen was, I might call it that. You can make that next ice cream cone together an orange sherbert!