Monday, September 23, 2013

Sweet Jaxon Alabama!

We were driving today and I told Daddy to play LOUD MUSIC!  Unfortunately, a lot of the Top 40 stuff the kids are listening to these day really isn't Rock n' Roll.

But finally Daddy landed on JACK (Jaxon) 96.5 FM right when the riff by Lynyrd Skynyrd started playing.

They were talking about a mystical land called "Sweet Home Alabama" and I loved it!
Fist Pump!
Gotta Love that Southern Sound!  
In your face Neil Young.  A Southern Man (Deeda was from New Orleans so I am one by ancestry) doesn't need you around!

These guys really knew how to have a fun time.  I'm sure their hotel rooms from when they toured looked a lot like my room after I have had a few too many Jelly Beans!
 I was feeling like a little "Free Bird" all the way home!  Ronnie Van Zant still lives somewhere on the radio everyday! 


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