Sunday, August 11, 2013

My First Movie! Two Thumbs Up!

I had been anticipating this event for a long time . . . and it finally happened.  I went to a movie for the first time in an actual theater!

It had certainly helped that my friend Dominic had been telling me about it all through our play date yesterday.  Mommy was excited also, so excited that she left her cell phone at Macy's.

Thankfully Daddy moved quickly to retrieve it and we were all settled in for the previews!
It was action packed and full of the drama that one would expect from a good film.  Would Dusty Crophopper win the race around the world or would it be the villainous Ripslinger?!?!  More importantly would Dusty find love with Ishani.  There were so many plot twists!
I was disappointed with a few things.  Apparently yelling commentary during the movie is frowned upon as well as eating popcorn off the floor.  Oh well.  There was only one thing more exciting than watching the movie . . . the self flushing toilet in the Family Restroom.  Yeah, ended up taking a few potty breaks just to see that thing work!
Still, safe to say I made it through the entire film.  
That is a victory in itself.  There was some debate if I was going to last but I did!
Yeah, these movie theaters have a lot to offer.  I will be back!


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