Monday, August 26, 2013

Back From My Rocky Mountain High!

I had to take a break from my blog for a week.  I was visiting the Centennial State . . . Colorado!  Best of all I was reunited with my friend from the 4N Gang, Ben.  I should call it the 5N Gang because he came with an addition . . . OweN!

Good times!  There was so much to do!  From gold prospecting to spelunking to rock collecting I was all over it!

Yeah, we got a little worn out, but we kept supporting ourselves when times were tough.
 Hey, Colorado is a state for MEN not Toddlers, so we had each other's back when the Sun and altitude got to us.

I even did a little bit of rock climbing.
When I come back I'll be at this guy's level.
Yeah, Colorado is a a fun state.  You don't see a Teddy Bear like this in Seattle!

Nothing Without Providence!


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