Saturday, May 11, 2013

Some Inspiration For Potty Training

I am going through the process of Potty Training.  The great thing is that Mommy has set-up a reward system for me.  Five Pee Pees in the Potty gets me a character from "Cars".  Oh boy did I want Finn McMissile and I wanted him today!

Boy was I inspired also.  Mommy even had Finn call me in the morning to give me a pep talk.  I was ready!

Through the day I drank lots of water and held back the temptation to get instant relief in my Huggies.  Well, by bedtime it was worth it!
Count them!  Five stickers in a row.  Finn McMissile was mine!
Get ready for some action!  A Secret Agent has just been unwrapped! 

Jaxon 007

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