Sunday, February 10, 2013

Visiting the Burke Museum With Daddy

I was so excitable this morning that Mommy suggested that Daddy take me out for an adventure. He took me to the Burke Museum. To say I was mildly apprehensive about going in was an understatement. You would be a little concerned also with a Wild Women of the Woods at the front gate with two half eaten children in her hands!
When I got in though I was content there was nothing to be concerned about. Unlike the Science Center the prehistoric animals are all dead and skeletonized. Phew!
The world sure must have been a scary place in the past looking at the size of these things. I bet they were around before even Papo and Deeda were born!
If I am going to be dealing with Dinosaurs it is probably best if I only play with baby ones. I would just make to good of a little snack for an adult one. Just staying safe. -Jaxon

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