Sunday, August 19, 2012

CrossFit Toddler at Montlake

When I was first born my Daddy started doing CrossFit because he thought he was getting flabby. Well, within a month all the aches and pains added up, so he stopped.
I will just have to pick-up where Daddy left off. Before we started I fueled-up at McDonald's, but the only weight that I was going to gain was pure muscle mass!
After that I hit the workout. Just like adult CrossFit I only had a half hour before nap time so I needed to maximize my workout. All muscle groups needed to be used.
It was a high intensity workout but I was feeling great afterwards! Feel the burn!
I noticed that I was the only Toddler at the workout course today . . . they were all probably at home watching TV and eating junk food.
Next year I will be hoisting kettlebells!
Beefcake! -Jaxon

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