Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Play Date . . . With Daddy!

Daddy has never done a Play Date with me. Usually, his friends come over and they retreat to the backyard and drink bottles. Well, this weekend that all changed. His friend Jeremy has some boys my age and we really tore it up at Golden Gardens.
First we fueled-up with Blue Angel shaped Cookies at Larsen's Bakery. That was fitting since afterwards we were ready to fly!
And I thought I could throw rocks. They don't call this guy "the Dominator" for nothing. He could throw rocks like Randy Johnson threw baseballs in his prime. Ironman!
Of course it wouldn't be a Guys Play Date without bending a few rules. I did some swimming in the sand and Daddy really didn't do much. "Boys will be Boys" was the theme of the day.
Before we left we ceremoniously exchanged rocks . . . a ritual I do with all of my new friends! -Jaxon

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