Saturday, March 17, 2012

My First Haircut!

Today was my Second St. Patrick's Day . . . but my First Haircut! After I woke-up from my Green Milk inspired afternoon nap I was informed that I was going to get my haircut.


For most of the seventeen months I have been on this Earth I was fairly bald so a haircut wasn't really necessary but Mommy decided that the time had finally come.

We went to where Daddy gets his haircut, the Epic Barber Shop, and visited Daddy's friends James and Heather. James asked how he wanted my hair done and he said anything was fine, just not a mohawk. Well I guess I know what to ask for next time!

It turned out to be a fairly pleasant experience. I was a little calmer since they put cartoons on and let me play with a comb.


Nothing changes your perspective like a new haircut. To think I thought I didn't have anything else to experience in life!


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