Thursday, June 27, 2013

Celebrating My Deeda

My Deeda had a Birthday today.  Well, it really metamorphosed into a celebration of ME.  This is fairly typical and I love it!

Someone else has a Birthday and you are taken on an adventure to the pool and given a present.  Not bad!

Deeda, you are pretty cool.  You were a good Mommy to my Daddy.  Even though you didn't spoil him as much as you do me.
Sorry I didn't get to meet your Daddy (My Great-Grandfather) but I might make him proud by having a Navy career also.  I think that this hat fits me like a glove!
Again, it is good to be a Grandson on Deeda's Birthday.  In the end all the attention comes back to me.
Life is good!

Happy Birthday Deeda!


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