Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Current Affairs

I've been told by my focus group that I need to focus more on current events.  I'd be happy to but I'm just getting a hold of the house I'm living in not to mention the world.  It also doesn't help that my parents do a pretty good job having my head turned away from the TV most of the time so I only hear things with no visuals.

So hear is what I know.  On a national level in Wisconsin the adults are getting worked up and acting like babies about whether public unions can still collectively bargain (How can anybody be angry in a state with so much milk???).

In international news the Middle East is apparently in turmoil because the people are tired of being swaddled for so long.  Especially the people in Libya who are really tired of being swaddled but the person who runs the country, Qaddafi, is just a full grown baby himself.  He kind of reminds me of when I was a newborn.  He is wrinkled, cranky and always wrapped in blankets.  Perhaps if he drank more milk and got his diaper changed more he would be more even tempered and wouldn't bomb civilians as much.

You can't get away with acting like a baby if you aren't cute.


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